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Solder fittings for medical gases

New brochure on high-quality solder fittings for medical gases gives quick and concise overview.


Piped medical gases are instrumental in the operation of modern hospitals and within health care facilities. Oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, medical vacuum applications, and many others are used in anesthetics, surgery, emergency treatment and more, to stabilize, anesthetize and otherwise treat patients.

SANHA offers a wide range of degreased high-quality solder fittings to ensure a safe, clean and economical piping system. A new brochure offers an easy and quick reference of all relevant products as well as the advantages. For more details, please contact us at 01628 819245 - we are always delighted to help!v

Solder fittings series 4000 and 5000 (for hard soldering) are ideal for the transport of medical gases.