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Part of the master plan: Lillie Square

When the Earls Court exhibition Centre closed down, a massive redevelopment opportunity was presented to this central district of London, at the hub of the boroughs of Chelsea, Fulham and Kensington. A master plan was created by Terry Farrell and Partners back in 2013, to turn this significant 87 acre site into a new urban centre, comprising 8500...[more]

Solder fittings series 4000 and 5000 (for hard soldering) are ideal for the transport of medical gases.

Solder fittings for medical gases

New brochure on high-quality solder fittings for medical gases gives quick and concise overview.[more]

The Arborea Marina Resort Neustadt, Germany: About 4,000 fittings have been installed for heating, cooling, drinking water and other applications.

International solutions with SANHA: Arborea Marina Resort, Holstein, Germany

The exclusive and extensive Arborea Marina resort, is set for its grand opening in the second half of 2017. The Marina borders onto the Baltic Sea, and is one of the largest developments in Northern Europe. As one would expect, it focusses on water sport activities, and has a panoramic 180 degree view of the marina. At ground level, there are many...[more]

Press Fittings, pipes & flanges

Here you will find all newly introduced SANHA products in 2017, including our extensive range of stainless steel, copper and carbon steel press fittings.


BIM (Building Information Modelling) word cloud

SANHA is BIM ready

Piping and press fit fitting system specialist provides BIM-enabled product data in Revit. [more]

Leader in system technology

SANHA are pioneers in the art of “Press connection” system technology. This is a simple statement but encompasses many areas of expertise. System technology is the bringing together of different components, materials and processes, to achieve an aim once the domain of skilled individuals, but now capable by all, through simple training. System...[more]

Digital SANHA product catalogue

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