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solder fitting

Fittings for CO2-systems: SANHA product range expanded

German quality manufacturer of piping systems SANHA has expanded its RefHP range (series 29000). The fittings are now available in dimensions from 3/8” to 2 1/8”. [more]

Refrigeration in supermarkets: 20 % energy savings possible

SANHA RefHP piping system allows safe handling of high operating pressures[more]

A Victorian Ice house for food preservation

Preserving Food (and the Planet)

Keeping food cool has long been a method of its preservation, from the primitive burying of foods in the relative cool ground, to building subterranean ice houses in the Victorian era. This was very much a passive approach to preservation. [more]

Here you will find all newly introduced SANHA products in 2016, including our extensive range of stainless steel, copper and carbon steel press fittings.


Leader in system technology

SANHA are pioneers in the art of “Press connection” system technology. This is a simple statement but encompasses many areas of expertise. System technology is the bringing together of different components, materials and processes, to achieve an aim once the domain of skilled individuals, but now capable by all, through simple training. System...[more]

Digital SANHA product catalogue

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