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Brochures and documents

General brochures

Environment & Sustainability
Product catalogue 2016
Piping systems for the safe, reliable and durable appliance from all common materials and for all usual applications.
SANHA Piping systems
Overview of our product range of fittings and pipes


High Pressure Fittings RefHP
For transcritical systems up to 130 bar
NiroSan (UK)
Press systems from high-grade stainless steel
NiroTherm® (UK)
Premium solution for corrosive environments
SANHA 3fit-Press (UK)
Lead-free press fittings from silicon bronze and PPSU for plastic pipes
SANHA-Press (UK)
The lead-free press system for copper pipes
Carbon steel piping system for closed circuits

Info sheets

Multiport flow check fittings
Easy, safe & practical
SANHA piping systems for shipbuilding and oil platforms
With SANHA piping systems, safety comes first

Technical documents

Form sheet for unusual media in domestic installations
Sometimes, unusual media are used in domestic installations. Please inquire about the viability with this form.
General maintenance of systems (UK)
General information
Heat loss tables (UK)
Technical information
Pressure loss tables for drinking water systems (UK)
Technical information
Pressure loss tables for heating installations (UK)
Technical information
Installation & General Maintenance of Carbon Steel systems
Carbon steel pipe systems are widely specified and used in both the UK and across Europe. For effective use of carbon systems there are six criteria that should be determined.
Thermal expansion
Calculation tables for thermal expansion