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PowerWater, Ramingining, Northern Territory

Power and Water's Solar SETuP team heads to Ramingining

22 November 2016

The next stage of the Solar Energy Transformation Program (SETuP) is underway with Power and Water’s community engagement consultants travelling to Ramingining last week to inform the community about the hybrid solar diesel system and SETuP’s capital works schedule.

Three indigenous consultants, including Chris Long, joined SETuP’s Community Engagement Manager Chantal Bramley at Ramingining High School where they visited each classroom to explain to students what they could expect from the new facility.

Ramingining Primary School held an assembly and students listened to a bilingual presentation. Many of the students asked questions in Yolngu Matha and the consultants drew an interesting analogy about the ‘generation’ of power and the next generation of emerging leaders in Ramingining.


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